Best Wine And Food Pairings Anyone Should Try

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As with other types of eating pleasures, individual tastes, cultures and traditions all play into the selection of wines and foods that make great pairings. This means that deciding which specific wines match well with particular foods can produce infinite variations from one individual to the next. Although varying tastes make wine and food pairing an endeavor that lacks specificity with regard to the individual palate, there are some general guidelines when attempting to select wine that goes well with specific foods.Confused? Here ‘s a little help .

The progression of the meal should be considered when selecting wine and food pairings. Generally, lighter, more delicately flavored foods and wines make good pairings. Champagne and light white or blush wines usually pair better with salads and appetizers, near the start of the meal. White wines pair with white meats like chicken and seafood. Food courses containing white sauces, like bernaise or clear light sauces are also good companions for white wines. Red wines pair well with red meats and rich sauces or gravies. Heavy dessert fare is typically complimented by sweet heavy wines, like port or plum. If fresh fruit or other light desserts are served, champagne may be also provide a good dessert option.

Below are some tried and true wine and food pairings that anyone can enjoy.

1.) Mild flavored cheeses with dry or sweet white wines
2.) Pungent or strongly flavored cheeses with dry or sweet red wines
3.) Pasta and red sauce with dry or sweet red wines
4.) Pasta and white sauce with dry white wines
5.) Seafood, including shellfish with dry white wines
6.) Poultry or pork dishes with dry or semi-dry white wines
7.) Beef dishes with dry or sweet red wines
8.) Chocolate with Port, Cabernet, White Reisling or Champagne

Above all, remember that wine and food are for enjoyment, no matter what your tastes. Feel free to concoct your own wine and food matches to fit your personal palate.

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